Friday, November 6, 2015

Sexting in schools an increasing problem in Oklahoma

"Sexting in schools is a problem more administrators are seeing, even with kids as young as pre-teens," News 9 reports.
Schools in Canadian County have called the sheriff's office several times about the alarming trend, which includes sexting rings that trade nude pictures like baseball cards. 
Kids as young as 11 and all the way up to high school seniors are sexting, sometimes at school. 
“It happens from home and they bring it into the school, they'll have truth and dare type scenarios where they'll try to do crazy pictures maybe somewhere at school,” said Lt. Adam Flowers with the Canadian County Sheriff's Office. 
Lt. Flowers will not reveal which schools, but he said it is rampant and no longer only involves videos. 
“I've seen videos and pictures that are triple X rated, it's awful,” Lt. Flowers said. 
Now, investigators are seeing rings of activity where kids are swapping nude pictures they have received in exchange for other nudes.

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