Friday, January 29, 2016

Lankford: Focus on children, not schools

"As many Americans recognized National School Choice Week this week," U.S. Sen. James Lankford writes today in the Tulsa World, "I believe the argument about school choice is not about the future of our schools, it is about the future of our children."
School leaders might argue to keep more money and control so they can make education improvements, but children in the school do not have time for hoped-for future improvements, they need help today. Why would we ever tell a parent to sacrifice their child’s future so we can protect a school today? 
Our state will face a lot of tough decisions in the coming days, including education. I have the highest confidence that state legislators and Oklahomans will step up to the plate and make good decisions with their recaptured education authority. Practical quality education is possible and expected. 
Oklahomans want a great future for their kids that will begin with empowered parents and expanded educational opportunities for every child, no matter where they live. In 2016, our state has an opportunity to lead and prove to all of America that strong families and a great education provide the best future for our kids.

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