Saturday, January 16, 2016

'Republicans need to reassess'

So says the state's largest newspaper today:
This week Democrats showed signs of life and Republicans learned you don't get an automatic win in Oklahoma just because you have an “R” by your name on a ballot. J.J. Dossett, a Democrat, easily beat Republican candidate David McLain in a special election for the heavily Republican state Senate District 34 seat. Admittedly, Dossett downplayed his party affiliation. But McLain's message often focused on federal issues rather than addressing state needs. A typical McClain endorsement argued he would “stand up to the Obama administration's attempts to undermine our values.” It seems Obama-bashing alone no longer guarantees a Republican victory. So we suggest Republicans start focusing on conservative policies that will provide meaningful benefit to Oklahomans, such as school choice. It's popular with Republican voters, but also with many Democrats. Vowing to empower parents and improve students' education isn't just good policy. It can also be good politics.

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