Monday, January 11, 2016

Tulsa Public Schools staff jet to Vegas, New Orleans, DC

"Tulsa school personnel clearly do a lot of traveling on the taxpayer dime," Steve Gunn reports, "most of which, we assume, is for professional development."
In 2014-15 the district had a total of 734 transactions for hotels around the nation, totaling $327,812. It also had 495 transactions with various airlines, totaling $219,508. ... 
The district’s travel ledger reads like the itinerary of a very extended wealthy family with lots of time on its hands.  
The district recorded 62 transactions at the Gaylord in Nashville, ringing up a tab of $22,803. There were 18 transactions at the Doubletree in New York for a total of $19,925.  There were 33 charges at the Marriott in Tucson totaling $17,657. 
And those were just some of the big ones.
Read the whole thing here.

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