Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Oklahoma teacher says ‘sexual assault and harassment in schools is severely under-reported’

"[S]exual assault and harassment in schools is severely under-reported," says Aaron Baker, an 8th-grade teacher in the Mid-Del school district. "This is irrefutable."
Every day all across the United States, educators witness countless examples of female students being touched without consent. We have a culture problem in our schools. We have to start somewhere, and we have to start now!
Mr. Baker isn't the only Oklahoman on the political left who has noticed this. Back in 2014, Democrat state Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, a self-described feminist, observed:
Based on what I heard from my constituents, sexual harassment of girls in our public schools is close to being pro forma. ...Your daughter has a much better chance of growing up to be a strong, independent young woman if she can skip this abuse during her formative years.

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