Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pastor asks OKC school board to embrace tolerance

"All that we are asking," Pastor Sam Storms recently told the Oklahoma City school board, "all that Mr. Humphreys desires, is that he be granted the same right and freedom to embrace his views on human sexuality that is granted to the LGBTQ community."
He is more than willing to affirm their right to believe and live in accordance with their convictions concerning homosexuality. He simply is asking that he be shown the same dignity and granted the same constitutional freedom when it comes to his beliefs about what the Bible says concerning homosexual behavior.
I’m not asking that you agree with his or my moral convictions concerning homosexual practice but only that you extend to him the same respect and intellectual freedom that you so tenaciously protect on behalf of all others.

Were Mr. Humphreys to be removed from the Board of John Rex School it would tell me and others that anyone can serve on this Board except evangelical Christians. It tells me that every view is permissible and should be granted freedom of expression and protection from discrimination except the view embraced by orthodox, Bible-believing Christians.

Surely our emphasis on “inclusion” and “tolerance” and the importance of showing respect for all views should be extended to all persons, including Mr. Humphreys.

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