Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Norman student stuck fellow students with a needle

"Several middle school students were allegedly stabbed with a needle by a student at school during lunch," KFOR reports.
"I was furious. My child's safety obviously is not a priority to the school," Mary Canfield told News 4. That's how Canfield feels after what allegedly happened to her 11-year-old daughter at school on Monday. She said she got a call from the Whittier Middle School principal, who told her that her daughter and others had been stabbed with a needle by another student during lunch.

"I wanted to know why I was notified so late. She told me that they had cleaned my daughter up and sent her back to class. I found out it had happened hours prior," Canfield said. Canfield said she and her husband rushed to the school to get their daughter and took her to the ER. "The school said it was a sewing needle, but the ER was saying that it was a hypodermic needle," Travis Canfield told News 4. He claims doctors told them their daughter will have to be tested for HIV once every six months for four years.

"We're not sure if all the kids came forward that were stabbed, and the other parents need to know they need to get the kids tested just in case," Travis said.

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