Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bullied, with no way out

The Oklahoman reports today ('Many Hispanic students are targets of bullying in state') that bullying is a problem in some schools.

"We try to ignore it as much as we can, but it just gets worse and worse," Mayra [Sigala] said about the racist slurs yelled at her in the crowded hallways of Edmond Memorial High School.

The first incident occurred in early November, within a week of the passage of House Bill 1804, Oklahoma's stringent immigration enforcement statute. A fellow student, a football player, yelled at her in the hallway.

"He kept calling me names," she said. "He kept telling me to go back to Mexico. I tried to tell him that I was born here, but he didn't believe me."

Other students laughed.

"I guess they all agreed with him," she said.

Wouldn't it be nice if students who were bullied could choose another school?

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