Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Graduation crisis calls for school choice

News reports this month reminded us that the graduation rate in Oklahoma City and Tulsa is roughly 50 percent.

The Alliance for School Choice believes this "graduation crisis calls for immediate solutions," and says "school choice is the best option to help kids immediately."

"In the last year, numerous studies have highlighted the fact that America—particularly in our major urban centers—faces a dropout crisis that threatens our business climate, our children’s futures, and our prosperity," says Alliance president Charles R. Hokanson, Jr. Accordingly, the Alliance renewed its call for legislators to pursue options such as school voucher programs, scholarship tax credit programs, and scholarships for students with special needs.

"The entrenched education bureaucracy has tried their hardest—and spent millions—to spread falsehoods about school choice, but we have reached the time when these arguments have become nothing more than excuses," says Hokanson. "We must move beyond the rhetoric of the past 50 years and embrace the options that have proven successful in nine states and the District of Columbia. Parents, especially low-income parents, need enhanced choices right now."

In this April 8 photo, Alliance officials Scott Jensen (former Speaker of the House in Wisconsin) and Zack Dawes discuss school choice with OCPA's Brandon Dutcher.

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