Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jett lag

The New Hope Scholarship Act failed to make it out of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee this afternoon. Republicans Ken Miller, Tad Jones, Guy Liebmann, and Randy Terrill voted for the measure. Democrats John Auffet, John Carey, James Covey, and Joe Dorman voted against it, and they were joined by Republican Shane Jett.

The hearing was marked by (a) bureaucratic foot-dragging from an Oklahoma tax collector who, responding to questions from a legislator, pronounced the bill "problematic," "difficult," and "an administrative burden"; (b) repeated questions from Rep. Jett; and (c) laudable leadership by committee vice chairman Tad Jones, who did a good job explaining the bill and answering questions. In the end, credit goes to committee chairman Ken Miller who held the bill over for future consideration, hopefully soon.

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