Friday, September 3, 2010

Thanks for the free advertising

So I'm over in Stockyards City today having lunch with state Rep. Jason Nelson, and he mentions to me that he loves it when Frosty Troy takes to the airwaves of NPR to badmouth the Henry Scholarships. Why? Because Rep. Nelson then gets calls from NPR listeners who had never heard of the scholarships but now want to know how they can sign up!

Which isn't surprising. Remember, Oklahoma voters favor school choice for special-needs kids by a margin of 55 to 39. Even those people who are most likely to listen to NPR are on board with the idea. Moderates favor it by a margin of 59 to 35. Those who identify themselves as "somewhat liberal" favor it 57 to 40. Even "very liberal" Oklahomans favor it 50 to 46.

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