Friday, October 15, 2010

Except when you don't

"We have to have leadership interested in investing in our schools," Lt. Gov. Jari Askins said today, "because you only get what you pay for."


Andrews said...

Choice stats. 1. test scores shouldn't be used as a ranking system for students, preparedness for their jobs and their lives should be. 2. Cost per pupil does equal higher graduation rates:

Anon said...

"investment" doesn't always mean money - sometimes it means having a Governor who wants to place a high level of importance to resolve the issue. Our current Governor in Oklahoma created a public/private partnership and co-funding with private and government resources and now Oklahoma has the best early childhood education in the country. That doesn't always calculate out to cost per pupil. Similarly, communities that have a higher buy in emotionally or spiritually into their school systems do better. Thats why sometimes its better to go to schools in smaller towns than big cities.