Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The 'viciousness' of Jenks and Broken Arrow

Law professor (and OCPA adjunct scholar) Andrew Spiropoulos sums it up nicely: the Jenks and Broken Arrow school districts "would prefer to be cruel to the most vulnerable children in our society than give up a dollar of their precious funding."

Autism schmautism. We've got priorities around here, mister.


cdanie66 said...

What is really astonishing is that the school boards backed this position unanimously. No one demurred. They must all be the product of public education.

Amanda said...

What amazes me even more is that they somehow thought they had the authority to do so. It appears 7-11people know more than our elected lawmakers (including represenatives and governer) and feel that their "job" is to judge the laws. Funny I thought school boards were put together to operate the schools under the law....mmmmmm