Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rogue districts 'angered some judges'

FOX 23 reports:
Education attorney Bill Wilkinson, who represents other school districts in Oklahoma, says the Tulsa Public Schools and other districts that have decided not to comply with the law have completely mishandled the situation. He says they may actually be shooting themselves in the foot.

"They should have immediately employed their attorneys to file a petition for a declaratory judgment," Wilkinson said. "They didn't do that. Instead they said 'we don't like the law, and therefore we are not going to follow the law.' It angered a lot of people. But most important I think it angered some judges."

Wilkinson says that while he agrees House Bill 3393 is not a good law, he says the fact that the districts have, in his opinion, angered several judges they will have a harder time winning any lawsuits.

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