Monday, August 3, 2015

'Charters are about choice'

"Tulsa is on the verge of a charter school explosion," Andrea Eger and Nour Habib report in the Tulsa World.

"I’ve been really working on trying to get her in a charter school because I don’t feel the Tulsa Public Schools system can actually attend to her needs," one parent is quoted as saying. “If I have to move, I will, but I need to get her out of this school system because there is just too many kids to one teacher. There are too many fights. There is too much drama that is not needed.”

In the comments section, a former Tulsa teacher adds:
People are looking for a way out of Tulsa Public School System and its horrendous management and administration. I was a teacher at TPS and I witnessed firsthand just how bad it is. We moved to Broken Arrow because we have two small children and I would never ever put them into a Tulsa Public School!!!!!

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