Saturday, August 8, 2015

Luther superintendent cites behavior problems, including students hitting, cursing teachers

"Dr. Sheldon Buxton, Superintendent of Luther Public Schools, has a problem," Jay Chilton reports for MiddleGround News. "As he enters his third year, Buxton has great concerns about the lack of discipline and respect he has witnessed in Luther High School."
Buxton said he believes quick action in this matter is important. ...
"Two years ago, when I first came here, the high school and middle school were combined as the new high school was being built. There were problems with the younger kids and high school kids together but we were about to separate them so I let it go (to deal with the next year). 
"When we decided to move the high school kids to the new school, there were still problems. The 'flex time' plan wasn't working, the kids were getting into fights, I even lost a teacher—a teacher I greatly respect and admire—because of the problems. 
"I tried to get (the teacher) back," he said. "She wouldn't come back. I asked her why." Buxton paused, as if to remember or decide if he wanted to continue. He then turned back and resumed. 
"She said she didn't want to deal with the problems anymore. I asked her what happened and she told me about a (student) she said she came down pretty hard on last year. 
"She said, 'I told (the student) if he wasn't going to bring any tools to class then there wasn't any reason for him to be there. He can't do the work. He looked at me and said I could (expletive) off.' 
"I asked her what happened and she said she sent him to the office. I asked what happened after that and she said she didn't know. 'Was he kicked out?' I asked. She just said, 'No.' 
"That is why this (hiring) couldn't wait. I'm not going to lose my teachers, and I'm not going to have them cussed in their classroom. 
"Something had to be done," Buxton said. "We had a teacher hit as they were trying to break up a fight. (The teacher) didn't want to press charges—I don't know why—but I had (the student) removed. Some were not happy about it, but that's part of the job."

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