Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oklahomans favor charter school expansion

Are you an education reformer or a supporter of public education?

"The reality is the public is largely in both camps," Pat McFerron writes in the April issue of Sooner Survey. "Voters do not want to cut education funding and voters do want more parental choice." Here's one of the questions from the survey:

"As you may or may not know, public charter schools are generally only allowed in the state’s largest school districts. These schools are free to parents but are not burdened with some of the regulations and requirements, such as negotiating with teachers unions, that is the case with traditional public schools. Do you favor or oppose allowing public charter schools to open in other parts of Oklahoma?"
  • Strongly Favor .......... 33%
  • Somewhat Favor .......... 28%
  • Somewhat Oppose .......... 9%
  • Strongly Oppose .......... 18%
  • Undecided .......... 12%

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