Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Private-school voucher program being celebrated at state capitol today

Today is #PreserveOKPromise Day at the state capitol. 

After the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship program, Oklahoma's Promise is possibly my second-favorite private-school voucher program in the state of Oklahoma. As the Oklahoma Independent Colleges and Universities aptly puts it
for many years, students have been assisted by a variety of state-funded scholarship programs that provide funding for students to attend private, religious institutions of higher education. These programs include the state's Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant program ("OTAG"), the Academic Scholars program, and the Oklahoma's Promise scholarship program. These aid programs differ somewhat from OTEG in that they can be used at both public and private institutions, but the principle behind all the programs is the same—the state has created and funded a program for the public purpose of benefiting individual students. The institutions that provide the services that benefit these students are compensated by the state for the valuable consideration they have provided the students and the state.

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