Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Public education 'not something housed in your school building'

Excellent observations from a teacher at Epic Charter School:
I have a beef with public schooling. It is not something housed in your school building. It is housed in your heart and mind. I dislike greatly the competition between schools and districts. I am not talking about the Jenks v Union rivalries. I abhor that there has to be a huge fight between types of schools. I WORK FOR A CHARTER. I said it. I do.

In the consultant and educational leader circles, which I often associate with, there is a huge line drawn in the sand about how the teacher in the traditional public school has to be better because they have far more dire circumstances to overcome. I saw 4 articles in #oklaed this week dealing with charters and school choice.  
This argument infuriates me because in the very next conversation “they” wish for a more direct route to teaching; they want less barriers and more pay. In my school, I have less barriers and if I do my job well, I get more pay. 
Sidebar: we are an open charter with nearly 5,000 students in all 77 counties of this great state. We take them all.
Read the whole thing here.

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